Executive Mentor finexis

Gordon joined the life insurance industry in 1989. He started as an agent and progressed to
become a highly successful manager.
In 2005, after 16 years in the business, he started finexis, an independently owned Financial
Advisory Company in Singapore. Since it’s inception, Gordon’s company has scored an Industry’s
First by recruiting more than 100 Full-time consultants every single year till 2010.
Currently, the company has more than 600 Full-time consultants. Out of the 600 consultants,
Gordon has produced more than 100 MDRTs, 10 COTs and 1 TOT consistently every year
without fail.
“On the production front, despite starting from scratch, finexis recorded an accumulated First
Year Premium (FYP) production of more than SGD1 billion since we started the company!
Similarly, for Asset under Advisory (AUA) we have also helped our clients invest more than
a billion dollars! This is widely accepted in the market as a feat unheard of in the history of
financial advisory industry.”
Gordon is now retired from his Singapore operation. He spends most of his time travelling
around the region to train, coach and mentor managers how to build mega agency. And teach
them how to build system to groom their agents to become top producers.
All in all, Gordon has trained more than 100,000 agents and managers and spoken in more than
300 workshops, seminars, conventions and camps in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia,
Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.
in 2010, 5 years after finexis started in Singapore, Gordon branched out and started finexis Hong
Kong. Today, finexis Hong Kongis one of the Leading International Broker serving mainly the High
Net Worth clients in the region.

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