Leader Basic

You are likely to become a manager because you were successful as an agent. You achieved the requirements needed and you moved on from where you are to become a manager. Now you have been asked to play a larger role. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS NEW ROLE?

If you are not a new manager, how have you been doing so far? Do you know that as a manager, you will measure success differently.

  1. Your success is no longer about your personal accomplishment but the achievement of your team.

Question: How do you balance both personal and team accomplishment? Is it possible?

  1. Your skills in selling remains important but no longer defines your main responsibilities.

Question: What is your main responsibility? Have you been faithfully and diligently working on this responsibility? Why?

  1. Your job is to get the results through the creativity, expertise and energy of others.

Question: What results? Why is it so difficult to get the results we want from others? What must we do? And how do we do it?

For example, your sales skills may have gotten you promoted to become agency manager.  But your success as a manager will depend on other capabilities:

  1. Your Ability to gain influence in your organsation

  2. To manage the emotional culture of your team

  3. To think strategically

  4.  To make good decisions

  5. To inspire and enable creativity and innovation, and so much more…

Whether you are a new or seasoned manager, The Leaders Program will help you learn the essential skills that all effective managers must master. This program is for you if you are ambitious and want to become more efficient, more effective and more inspiring.

However, if you are already a manager, are you a Leader? Are these two the same? Simply put, a leader is someone who brings out the best in your agents and drive change within your agency.

The leaders Program will show you how.


• 2 Days + 1 Night Session (tentative venue @ sentul/puncak) March 3-4, 2020
• BOP Mar 14, 2020
• FU Session #1 May 5, 2020 (Tue)
• FU Session #2 June 2, 2020
• Gordon Hoo Day (ODS) June 4, 2020 (Thu)

✓ Investment Rp 17.000.000
✓ Early Bird (till Nov 7, 2019) Rp 15.000.000
✓ DP Rp 2.000.000
✓ Cicilan Rp 650.000 x 20 minggu Rp 13.000.000
✓ Only for 75 Pax

✓ inclusive food and accommodation

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