Morphosis Camp #3

Morphosis Camp

Two caterpillars are crawling on a plant and a beautiful Butterfly floats by. Then one caterpillar turns to the other and says, “We’ll never fly and be like the Butterfly.”

Two agents are talking and they saw a Top Agent walks by. One said to the other, “We’ll never be like that Top producer.”

Two Leaders attending the Company Annual Awards dinner Watching a Top Leader on the stage shaking hands with the CEO.

One Leader said to the other, “I’ll never be a Top Leader like him”

  • Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Have you heard agents or Leader talking like this?

Why are there so many people‘Stuck’in the‘Caterpillar’ stage of their career?

Why are so many people unable to breakthrough to become that Successful ‘Butterfly’?

  • Obviously one does not have to teach a caterpillar to fly,  the potential is already within them.

  • Similarly, one does not need to teach an agent or manager how to ‘fly’; the potential is already within them.

Morphosis is derived from the word Metamorphosis.

A transformation process from a caterpillar to beautiful butterfly.

In life, we went through many different levels of changes, but how

often can the changes sustain a caterpillar to a butterfly?

So what and where is the problem?

Whether it’s trying to lose a few (or many) kilograms, achieve our company sales target or build a successful team, success or failure almost always hinges on how well we overcome ourselves

However, most of the time we rationalize away our failure. Interestingly, the word rationalize is really two words – Rational Lies.

And the biggest Rational Lie we generally tell ourselves is that our Failure was due to some person, event or Circumstance outside of ourselves.

Each of us develops over time a set of traits which make up our character.

Some of these traits make us Successful in Life while others cause us grief and misery.

The good news is that as human beings, we can

Take 100% Responsibility for our life.

We Do not Blame others,

Justify our actions or give Excuses  why we are not successful.

✓ Investment Rp 9.400.000
✓ Early Bird (February 14, 2020) Rp 8.400.000
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✓ Cicilan Rp 350.000 x 20 minggu Rp 7.000.000
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✓ Registration 171-250 the price Rp 9.400.000
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✓ Fasilitator get benefit 1 more day/nite stay training (+ Rp 1.000.000)

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