Through our training division and consultancy services, Gordon Hoo
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Gordon hoo

Founder of
Gordon Hoo Consultancy

Creator of

Author of
‘Heart Truth’ Series

Gordon Hoo is the Founding Director of Gordon Hoo Consultancy, a training and consultancy firm majoring in the development of skills and leadership of professionals as well as agency building in the insurance industry.

Gordon Hoo is a believer, a dreamer yet a realist. For the past 30 years, Gordon has been an agent, an agency manager, founder of an independent financial advisory company and a corporate executive. He is an entrepreneur, an international speaker, a trainer and coach. Nonetheless, above all of this, Gordon prefers to be simply known as a ‘personable friend’.

Since 2002, Gordon has been speaking, training, coaching and mentoring in the insurance industry across the Asia Pacific region, impacting more than 200,000 lives. He focuses on leadership development, particularly in developing agency managers and agency building.
In addition, he has developed a highly effective and impactful transformational camp called Morphosis. This flagship programme uses a revolutionary training system and model to establish the right attitude and heart towards life, family and work. Lives are completely changed; leaders are transformed and teams become synergised to be more cohesive with better culture and productivity. The ‘Morphosis’ programme, introduced since 2002, has been brought to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Gordon is happily married to Daisy and together, they have seven delightful children. He strongly believes that a truly successful person is one whose life, career and family are well integrated and thriving. His greatest aspiration is to inspire individuals – one by one – to dream big in life, be faithful in small things and go deep into meaningful relationships, to ultimately grow as leaders so that they may successfully nurture their businesses.

Our Team

The Heart of Our Organization

Meet the passionate professionals who drive our mission forward.

Daisy Ang


Mdm Daisy Ang’s career is a testament to adaptability and excellence. With expertise in architectural studies, systems analysis, and real estate, she now directs Gordon Hoo Consultancy Pte Ltd, steering the company to success. As Director, Daisy not only shapes the company’s strategy but also runs its daily operations, oversees HR, and manages finances. Her diverse skill sets and adaptability set her apart.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Daisy also holds a Diploma in Montessori Education. Her continuous learning and extensive expertise position her as a visionary leader. Collaborating with Daisy means partnering with a dynamic, knowledgeable, and multifaceted professional, shaping a brighter future.

Peter Ting

Chief ThinkTank Strategist

Dr. Peter Ting is the Chief Think-Tank Strategist at Gordon Hoo Consultancy (GHC). He plays a pivotal role in co-creating the roadmap for qualified clients to transform into organizations with scalable and multiplying growth.

Dr. Peter’s current mission involves crafting GHC’s premier coaching programmes into a cohesive blend of consulting framework.

With a rich background, Dr. Peter has held various leadership positions in education, training, and consulting sectors. These roles encompass being the Head of UCSI Leadership Development Centre, Managing Partner of UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre (China), and Regional Vice President of UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre, overseeing operations across Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. Additionally, he has served as the President/CEO of Family First Malaysia.

Over the past two decades, Dr. Peter has collaborated with clients from diverse countries and industries such as tourism, insurance, F&B, media, healthcare, education, e-commerce, construction, banking and finance, landscaping, as well as various government ministries and NGOs. His ongoing research interests revolve around Blue Ocean Strategy, Lifestyle Medicine, and Design Thinking, all deployed to achieve the 10X integrated success of the 3F: Family, Finances, and Fitness.

Elaine Boo

Business Development Manager

Ms. Elaine Boo wears multiple hats. Her roles encompass everything from accompanying Gordon and Daisy on business trips to managing international clients, overseeing GoalsMapper Indonesia and providing critical operational support.

Elaine’s career journey enriches her role at GHC. Her past as a financial consultant equips her with deep knowledge of financial products, policies, and sharp fact-finding skills, making her a pro at client interactions and deal closures. Her experience as an educator enhances her ability to simplify complex concepts, benefiting GHC’s diverse audience.

Beyond the office, Elaine enjoys nib pen calligraphy and digital illustration, finding joy in creative pursuits. Furthermore, she is also a certified lifeguard and diver. Elaine is more than just a professional; she’s a dynamic personality with a diverse skill set, a creative edge, and a profound zest for exploration. Working with her at GHC means partnering with a versatile expert who seamlessly combines competence with personal charisma.


Business Development Executive

Ms. Fiandara holds a key role in handling GHC’s sales and marketing efforts for GoalsMapper Indonesia. In addition, she is also an active contributor in the organisation and management of events held in Indonesia.

Her skill sets and experiences compliments GHC’s objectives – ranging from a consultative sales approach, event management and a bilingual fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English. These proficiencies are complemented by robust customer service and business development acumen.

Outside of her professional life, Fiandara’s passion for travel has led her to explore diverse food cultures and the serene wonders of nature. As an adventurous marine enthusiast, she has also attained an Open Water Diver certification. Partnering with Fiandara means gaining a strategic edge in your business and securing an unwavering commitment to your sustained success.

Our Team

Associate consultants

Meet the passionate professionals who drive our mission forward.


A Gift of Love and the Happy Coach

Jenny Yeoh’s journey from a compassionate nurse to a renowned insurance professional is a true testament to her dedication and love for helping others. Known affectionately as “A Happy Coach” by her clients, Jenny’s story is one of transformation, empathy, and unwavering commitment.

Starting her career in nursing, Jenny spent over a decade caring for patients. Her life changed when she witnessed a cancer patient unable to afford treatment, which ignited her mission to protect people from financial hardship due to illness. Transitioning to the insurance industry, Jenny used her medical knowledge and passion to become a trusted advisor, quickly earning recognition and respect.

In her first year, she was named Top Rookie of the Year and qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Over the next 20 years, she amassed numerous accolades, including 22 years as an MDRT Qualifying Honor Roll Member, 8 COTs, and 2 TOTs. She became the first lady agent to qualify for TOT in 2006 and the First Lady MDRT Country Chair of MDRT Malaysia in 2012.

Jenny’s expertise in Critical Illness (CI) Insurance has made her a specialist, ensuring her clients are financially secure during health crises. She is also a Registered Financial Planner and Certified Professional Coach, mentoring insurance professionals worldwide through her coaching programs.

Beyond her professional success, Jenny’s commitment to giving back to the community and her role as a mentor highlight her as a beacon of positivity and support. Known as "A Happy Coach," she brings joy and expertise to her work, offering her services as a true gift of love. Since July 1, 2024, Jenny has joined Gordon Hoo Consultancy as the Senior Associate Consultant. With her solid knowledge and skills, Jenny now deploys a large part of her time to coach and mentor insurance professionals who want to be top financial advisors like her. She designs and conducts her own unique program to develop holistic insurance professionals who aspire to achieve million-dollar sales to reach 5 Generations.

Ryan Yeo

Senior Associate Consultant

Ryan Yeo started his financial advisory career in 2007 and achieved MDRT® every year since then. To date, his achievements include obtaining Top of the Table (TOT), 2 years of Court of the Table (COT®) and 5 years of Double MDRT®.

The most amazing part about his sales growth, is that he started with little or no network and within a short span of time, he managed to acquire a large network of professionals, expatriates and overseas clients from more than 20 countries, just by using referrals as the sole method of prospecting.

He joined GH Consultancy in 2020 as a Sales Coach to impart his skills and knowledge to aspiring producers in the region.

Adeline YAP

Senior Associate Consultant

Ms. Adeline Yap’s role at Gordon Hoo Consultancy (GHC) revolves around coaching and training, where she excels in nurturing talent and guiding professionals toward success.

With over two decades in the industry, her rich background as the Founder and Agency Director of a Million Dollar Agency, serves as a testament to her experience and leadership. Her knack for communication enables her to connect and build teams, inspiring millennials to achieve their MDRT aspirations.

Adeline’s synergy with GHC is a story of transformation. Having met Gordon in 2012, she has adopted his training and systems in her own agency, reaping the benefits in her career and family life. Adeline’s journey from struggle to success, and her ability to guide budding agency managers, makes her a compassionate and effective coach.

Adeline is also a distinguished speaker who shares her journey at various international events. Her talk at GHC’s AMPLE 2023 Forum, “Leadership and Agency Excellence,” showcases her expertise and her commitment to helping others excel.