At Gordon Hoo Consultancy (GHC), we lay the foundation
of success for our clients with two synergistic tracks.

Career and Biz Growth Consulting, Training & Coaching in the Insurance Industry

Championed by Gordon & Daisy Hoo, Co-Founder of Gordon Hoo Consultancy, with a special twin focus on deploying Morphosis to transform habits and attitude and AMPLE to empower leaders with knowledge and skills.
Teamed with Certified GHC Trainers and Coaches to train & coach Next Gen Leadership as successors.

Positioned to work with chosen organization of each country to co-create scalable and duplicable system resulting in sustainable multiplying growth.

Transformative Leadership
Coaching for the Mass Markets

Our Team

Unique Value Proposition

GHC’s Career and Business Building Track takes a holistic approach of integrating AMPLE to transfer the right Knowledge and Skills, transformed by MORPHOSIS with the right Habits and Attitude to excel at work.

In addition, GHC offering another track that focuses on transforming individuals’ lives and promoting 3F integrated success in family, finances, and fitness is a unique and differentiating factor for Gordon Hoo Consultancy (GHC).

GHC’s approach goes beyond traditional training and consultancy to make a meaningful and comprehensive difference in people’s lives with Transformative Life Coaching.

Here are six advantages and ways that this approach sets GHC apart…

Holistic Approach

GHC’s commitment to holistic personal development sets it apart from many training and consultancy providers that may focus exclusively on professional or industry-specific skills. The emphasis on family, finances, and fitness acknowledges that success in one area of life often depends on balance and success in others.


GHC’s offerings cater to a broader audience, not limited to the insurance industry. The principles of family well-being, financial success, and physical fitness are universal and can benefit individuals from various backgrounds and professions.

Long-Term Impact

By addressing personal well-being and life balance, GHC’s programme can have a long-lasting impact. This is particularly appealing to individuals seeking future-ready personal growth, not just short-term skill development that is industry specific.

Competitive Edge

GHC’s unique value proposition can give it a competitive edge in the market. Prospective clients looking for more than industry-specific training or standard consultancy services may find GHC’s approach compelling.

Brand Identity

GHC’s branding as a consultancy that cares about the holistic well-being of its clients can create a strong and positive brand identity.

Positive Social Impact

Encouraging individuals to achieve success in family, finances, and fitness can contribute to better communities and societies. This social impact aspect lay a foundation for success at work and ultimately the community and nation.