Morphosis Camp

I am at a loss for words. Morphosis Camp made me realise so many things and it is slowly changing me from the inside. This camp is a MUST have in Philippines. It is a NEED because if we are expecting different results, we must start by changing how we do things. Otherwise, it will just be a cycle where we will still get the same results.

This camp is unconventional because there is not a second that is wasted. This camp focuses on the heart, which is so unlike the usual camps that are just general and motivational. Morphosis has helped me to uncover hidden and very deep issues. It is an experiential camp and the participation of every individual makes a lot of impact.

I now have a different (and better) perspective on leadership, and this encompasses so many aspects, which include leading with a heart, selflessness and discipline. A leader must be a good example and must walk the talk.