AMPLE Coaching

I am very grateful to be able to learn from Shifu over the years.

In my first year of study, I realised what Shifu said was true. I was overwhelmed by the many tips he shared with us generously, and I felt lost about where and how to start.

I began my second year of study during the Covid period. I felt I was able to follow better because the learning method was broken down into more bite-sized segments. I’ve never felt this tired, but my heart is happy because I gained knowledge on how to build a team.

Entering my 3rd and 4th year of coaching, I approached agency management with more clarity as I could practise more and learned from my failures. I became more confident in recruitment and was more selective of people I chose to join me.

I developed the mindset of an entrepreneur and was able respond like one. I also learnt to focus on my head and heart to not be shaken by external influences. I understood that it’s not about other people, but about myself. I must upgrade myself and when I have employability, I will attract the right people. ‘Attracting always wins, Chasing always loses.’ These words are very fresh in my mind.

This year is my 17th year in the insurance industry. It is in the last 4 years that I feel most alive and experienced the greatest growth in skills. As long as Shifu still teaches, I want to follow Shifu. From his coaching sessions, I have already filled 15 notebooks from the tips he gave us. Through re-reading and practicing the notes, I slowly gained a clearer picture on agency building.

Thank you very much Shifu!